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About The Product

The Blendtec Stealth Blender is one of the quietest blenders on the planet! Seriously, the advanced sound enclosure allows blending at the sound level of normal conversation. This is Blendtecs top of the range smoothie maker which now allows your blender to be situated right where you serve your customers. Suitable for juice bars, milk-shake bars, pubs, cocktail bars and restaurants.

• Quite as the sound of normal conversation
• 1800 watt 3.8 peak HP motor
• Capacitive touch controls
• 42 pre-programmed cycles
• Available in-counter or on-counter
• Programmable with online BlendWizard app

Featuring a capacitive touch blue LED illuminated control panel with speed slider (like and iPad screen) for fine-tuned motor control. It has 42 pre-programmed blending cycles and if that’s not enough - you can also customise your own blending profiles with the BlendWizard™ online app which already has hundreds of pre-made blend cycles to download. You can make your own programmes by selecting the motor speed and duration of the blend with the app and up to 14 of these can then be uploaded to your blenders via the USB socket.

The 1800 watt IQB1 direct-drive motor makes the Blendtec Stealth blender the most advanced industrial blender in its class, putting out 3.8 peak horsepower it is designed to be used in the busiest of environments.

The sound enclosure is fitted with rubber dampeners all the way around ensuring it is locked down tight to prevent any noise escaping. It has been specially designed to reduce the noise of the air intake which cools the machine when in operation.


About The Product

The Blendtec Xpress blender is our best-selling entry-level commercial blender and is suitable for juice bars, milkshake bars, smoothie bars, cocktail bars, cafes and restaurants or even for the discerning home user.

• Powerful 1560 watt motor
• 5 pre-programmed speed settings
• One-touch blending
• Smart-touch control panel
• LCD display and counter
• BPA Free jug and gripper lid
• Small footprint

Suitable for low volume operations it packs am amazing punch and can blend almost anything, from chocolate bars to ice and frozen fruits – you will find it in high street operators including large coffee chains and is also the preferred choice of juice and smoothies bars in the UK. Its footprint is smaller than the other models in the Blendtec range but uses the same ICB3 direct-drive 3 horsepower motor and solid state electronics found in the more premium models.

The LCD display shows the amount of times the machine has been used which is useful for calculating daily drinks sold and it has 5 in-built speed settings for all manner of drink-blending tasks. The No-Tend control panel allows the user to select the speed and walk away and it automatically shuts down when completed.

The Smart-Touch™ control panel is wipe-clean and waterproof and the low cost BPA free jars make this smoothie maker one of the most economical in its class. As will all Blendtec blenders, there is no need for a food tamper as the square jug design means all ingredients are blended thoroughly without the need for user intervention.

The Blendtec Xpress blender is supplied with one 1.9 litre BPA Free jug and further jugs can be added for a discounted price. This model is not able to use the larger Wildside jar.

The video below shows the Blendtec EZ blender which is the USA equivalent to the European Xpress model, the only diiference is the button functions.


About The Product

The Blendtec Q-Series Smoother blender is our most popular selling premium commercial smoothie maker and offers easy operation and one touch blending. It is suitable for high-demand juice bars, milk-shake bars, pubs, cocktail bars and restaurants. It can be fitted on-counter or set in-counter straight out of the box and includes the Q-Series sound enclosure which reduces noise by 10 decibels compared to similar models.

• Powerful 2000 watt motor
• 3.8 peak horsepower
• 10 Decibels quieter than competition
• 30 Programmes
• One-touch blending
• Smart-touch control panel
• LCD display and counter
• BPA Free jug and lid
• Small footprint
• Mount on-counter or in-counter

Blendtec Q Series Smoother commercial blender with the inbuilt No-Tend™ technology features 30 pre-programmed blending profiles which are selected through the electronic keypad and are viewed on the blue LCD screen. Smoothies, milkshakes, frozen coffees and frappes are made perfectly time after time.

The Smoother is fitted with the new Q-Series sound enclosure which reduces the noise produced by this high powered blender by 50%. This is particularly important when the blender is to be positioned close to where your customers are served.

Blendtec produce some of the most powerful blenders in the industry and it’s this industry leading 2.7 brake and 3.8 peak horsepower, 2000 Watt, ICB5 engine with its solid state electronics that means less time blending and more time serving. Combined with their patented jug design and wing-tip blade - every drink will be blended to perfection. More power means less stress on the motor which makes it ideal for heavy ice based drinks.

The power and versatility of Blendtec Smoother Q Series blender is also a perfect machine for restaurant applications. It is able to blend dressings, sauces, chop, puree, mix, whip and grind wet or dry ingredients all at the touch of a button.

MAZZER SUPER JOLLY (Manual or Electronic)

The beautifully built Mazzer Super Jolly Electronic coffee grinder is perfect for moderate / high volume outlets and represents outstanding value for money. This model features a programmable keypad for precise dosing, which also makes it suitable for home use.

With a powerful 350W motor turning at a very low speed of 1400 rpm, this grinder is quiet and powerful. The large 64mm diameter burrs grind the coffee beans quickly, while the patented stepless grinding mechanism allows infinite grind adjustment. 

Available in the following versions:
MANUAL: with manual switch
TIMER: with timer switch
AUTOMATIC: with start every 12 doses and stop when the doser is full


The HC-600  and sharing all the benefits of the successful HC-600. its is a well-balanced grinding machine yet designed in a modern and elegant style. It is the best performance/price grinder in the world.

Heavy Duty cast Aluminum body.

Specially hardened tooling steel grindstones.

Micro adjust table for accurate grinding.

Teflon coated powder outlet chute, detachable washable powder outlet chute.


Diamond Blending system
Intelli-Speed Motor Control
5 Speeds
Hot Foods button
Die-cast metal base